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The contractual language is Spanish.

User privacy

Your privacy is very important for us. You can see our privacy policies by entering the Privacy section of this website, where you can learn how we collect, use and protect your personal data.


At our discretion, we reserve the right to deny access and / or suspend temporary or permanent entry to this page and the services we offer through it, to any person and / or Company, at any time and for any reason. whatever, including but not limited to breach of this Agreement.

Activities allowed

You can refer others to the page by sharing links from our page, whether by email, social media, your personal page or blog, email, text message or otherwise. However, you may not share them for malicious or harmful purposes for printstudio.com.do, J aybar Diseño Grafico SRL, or any of their representatives or suppliers; nor may you use such links for commercial purposes. You may not link to our page or place offers from us on an aggregate page or for any other commercial purpose.

Forbidden activities

The infrastructure used to supply the content and information to printbarato.com, as well as the content and information itself, including, but not limited to, the text and images presented therein and their arrangement are the property of Printstudio.com .do You may perform any of the permitted activities indicated above. However, you agree not to reproduce, reuse, alter, transmit, publish, sell or resell any information, products or services obtained through this page or publish any information from this page, for any commercial purpose.

You agree not to:

- use this page or its content for any commercial purpose;

- make any speculative, false, fraudulent purchase or in advance of demand;

- access, monitor or copy any information or content on this page using any automaton, tracker, digger or any other automated means or manual process for whatever purpose, without our written authorization;

- violate the restrictions in any automaton exclusion protocol on this page or bypass or bypass other measures used to prevent or limit access to this page;

- make a deep link for any purpose, with any section of this page without our written authorization;

- frame, mirror or incorporate any section of this page to another page, without our written authorization.

Contracting services

All transactions and orders to have legal validity must be confirmed in writing to the company through an email addressed to servicio@printstudio.com.do. The company reserves the right to reject orders within 1 calendar day, for the following reasons:

The client has not made the payment for it.

They do not meet the requested file requirements.

Contain images that violate copyright or intellectual property.

The client has lacked any term described in this Agreement.

Notifying the client via email.

The client has the possibility of canceling the order, within a stipulated period of time according to the production method:

For production periods between 24 hours and 5 business days: you must cancel it within 6 hours after order confirmation.

For production times between 7 days to 10 business days: you must cancel it within 12 hours after order confirmation.

For production times between 10 days and 15 business days: you must cancel it within 24 hours after order confirmation.

The budgets prepared to measure will have a validity of 15 calendar days.

All agreements between the company and the client must be documented in writing, via email, to fulfill the contract.

Delivery time is subject to the amount of production at the time of placing your order.

If the department within operations that will be in charge of your order has an unusual load of orders, your time may be subject to negotiation of total or partial delivery.


The tax valid by the law of the Dominican state, the ITBIS, is reflected at the time of checkout. Prices include packaging, shipping in the metropolitan area, shipping to other areas must be selected and paid by the customer.

The company is empowered, but not obliged, to carry out the preliminary preparatory work that may be necessary to the data sent by the client, without prior consultation. In the event that the files cannot be adjusted to the production processes and additional work must be carried out, the client will be informed of this situation and the cost involved, for its acceptance in writing.

Rectifications of the order or its data (billing address, shipping address, payment method, shipping type or similar) will not be accepted after the order is accepted; Unless they are agreed between the company and the client in writing, in this case they will be invoiced separately according to the price agreement in writing. If the data provided by the client does not conform to the requirements of the company and produces errors in the final product, the costs will be borne by the client. The client declares that the works carried out and delivered to the company are under her full responsibility and no claim is possible.

In case of cancellation of the order outside the period previously stipulated for it, the company will check if the cancellation is still possible, will make a balance of the expense that the order has entailed up to that moment and the customer will be informed in writing via email. The customer must pay these expenses by credit card payment method. Cancellations can only be requested by the customer and through her customer account.

Authorization and order fulfillment

The company will place the order based on the data sent by the customer. During the ordering process, the company will ask for the acceptance of the data (data formats and print data) sent or transferred to place the order. By being accepted by the client, he is responsible for the integrity, accuracy and content of this data. It will also be responsible in the event that failures arise in the transmission of the same data or in the data medium supplied.

The data for placing the order must be provided by the customer in the data and print formats stipulated in the order forms on this website. The company does not have the obligation to review the data provided by the client to place the order, except that these are illegible or clearly cannot be carried out. The company is authorized to make copies if necessary.

Order data

The company will store the data provided by customers on the occasion of the commercial operation and placing the order. The client authorizes the company to use this data on a commercial level, and to assign it to companies with which it maintains a commercial or group relationship; Without prejudice to the right of cancellation or rectification that the client can exercise, by sending an email to servicio@printstudio.com.do or by sending a letter to the company's address that you will find in the Contact section.

All the material (data, data formats, images, etc.) Sent by the client to place the order, will not be stored at the end of the work, unless this has been agreed in writing and with a prior remuneration agreement. Otherwise, the client must take care of it himself. The company is excluded from any liability for damage or loss, except in the case of gross negligent or malicious behavior.

The data received by the company on CD / DVD or other documentation or order format cannot be sent back.


Payment is made by bank transfer to an account indicated by the company, or by credit card through this website or through Pay Pal. No company personnel, messengers, receptionists, managers, or any natural person who represents our institution in any way, is authorized under any circumstances to collect in cash.

The payment is considered made when the company can have the amount. Claims against the company are not transferable.

In case of return of the payment for cancellation of the order, in payments made by credit card, the company will reimburse the total value less 4% of the expenses produced by the bank commission. The refund will be made to the credit card.

In case of return of a payment, made by bank transfer, for cancellation of the order, the total amount paid by bank transfer will be refunded to the same account.

Production and delivery policies

The website printstudio.com.do, an online store, is available every day of the year, 24 hours a day. The production and delivery times for any order, begin to count from the confirmation or receipt of payment thereof, and the proper receipt of the design (s) to be printed, following the following criteria:

If the payment or confirmation is received before 10:00 am on a business day. The production period is counted from that same working day.

If the payment or confirmation is received after 10:00 am on a business day. Production starts counting from the business day following receipt.

In case of not receiving the design (s) for printing properly or in the required time, the delivery time will be altered for these purposes.

The company undertakes to deliver the order within the time period selected at the time of purchase (24 -48 hours, 2-3 business days, 5 or 15 business days, production times, plus 48/72 hours of delivery time in the interior), provided that the client complies with his obligations to guarantee the fulfillment of the delivery and service obligations by the company.

The client must provide a clear and precise address of the place where he wishes to receive his order. Delivery will be made at the address indicated by the customer in the order forms, we are not responsible for delays caused by errors in the address provided. The customer is responsible for being present at the time selected for delivery, or failing that, designate a representative and notify her in advance via email to servicio@printbarato.com, describing her name, surname and identity document number. Said representative must comply with the client's duties at the time of delivery. If the client or a representative of the same is not present, the client will be contacted to reschedule the delivery, the shipping costs are borne by the client; or failing that, the customer has the option of picking up her package at our office upon confirmation, the shipping costs paid will not be refundable. In the event that the customer is delayed in accepting the order, the company has the right to request compensation for the damage caused. The customer is responsible for the risk of accidental deterioration or destruction caused by the delay in acceptance.

At the time of receiving the order, the client or their representative must present their purchase invoice and identity document. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of your requests, you can contact us through any of our contact channels.

Our work calendar is governed by the calendar of the Dominican Republic.

Pick up in office:

The customer may choose to collect her order personally at our offices at Av. San Martin No.89, Villa Juana, Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic.

The order must be collected by the client who made the request and the Identity Card, Copy of passport or valid identification document will be requested. In the event that the user / client who placed the order cannot be presented, they must notify it in advance by sending an email to service@printstudio.com.do where they describe the name, surname and identification number or the identity document to present of the Authorized person.

If the collection is not made within a period of time less than 2 months, the product will be destroyed, prior notice via email, 15 days before the destruction date.


The client has the total and absolute right not to accept packages that are not completely sealed and in correct condition at the time of delivery. It is the customer's duty to review the product they receive and confirm that it is in optimal condition. If the packaging or the product presents a problem in delivery, you must request the courier for an immediate return and contact us through our contact channels. Once the product is received as good and valid, and the delivery driver signed, we reserve the right to accept returns.

Customer complaints

Claims must be made in writing to servicio@printstudio.com.do indicating the purpose of the same. Only the direct customer has the right to make a claim to the company.

The original models delivered to the company will be treated with the utmost care. The liability of the company only reaches the material value in case of damage or loss. Claims of any other kind are not accepted.

The customer has the right to claim if the delivered order does not have the agreed nature or if it does not meet the characteristics as stated on the website by the company, the latter must make a new delivery of the order adjusted to the customer's request. The company has the right to demand photographic or written evidence (via email) to contrast possible deficiencies.

Slight deviations from the original that may arise in the different production processes, such as:

Slight deviations in color.

Slight cut and fold tolerances (depending on each format).

Slight deviations in the finishes.

For technical reasons, slight variations from the comparison with features or products made previously.

For issues subject to production:

Slight cracks in the folds or variations in stiffness are acceptable, due to the fact that it is not possible to take into account the orientation of the paper.

Shipments greater or less than 5% of the order amount placed may be acceptable.

Modification of the order by the client or third parties, exempts the company from all responsibility, unless the client demonstrates that the modifications have not been the cause.

It is excluded from any other claim by the customer, regardless of the legal reason. The company is excluded from liability for damages arising from objects other than the object of delivery. This is also valid for damages caused by workers, representatives or auxiliary personnel of the company.

We inform you that for large volume jobs there is a tolerance in the production of more or less 2% of the requested quantity, defined by the good uses and customs of the Graphic Industry.


The customer has the right to make a request for damages for damages or defects in the order, this claim must be made within a period of one month from the delivery of the order.

Protection of copyright, industrial, image, patents and trademarks

The company exempts the client from any claim for violation of copyrights, image, trademarks, patents or similar, with regard to products, designs or services offered through the web.

The client exempts the company from any claim for violation of copyright, image, trademarks, patents or similar, in the data, images or any object supplied or that comes from the client.

The obligation of the company regarding responsibility for claiming the violation of copyrights, image, trademarks, patents or the like, is strictly restricted to the direct client, and this is the only one who can demand responsibility from the company. The company is exempt from any injury to legal property due to combination or use with other products.

The client declares that he is solely responsible and that he is in possession of the rights of publication and reproduction of the documentation delivered to the company to carry out the order. Likewise, the company is exonerated of responsibility for damaging the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, trademarks, patents or similar, for the execution of your order. The client exempts the company from any claim by third parties for the violation of rights in this regard.

The company reserves the right to free itself from the obligations contracted in these paragraphs, if it obtains the necessary licenses or permits in relation to the alleged violation of rights (copyright, image, trademark, patent, etc.).

Graphic design:

The elaboration of arts does not include: Purchase or taking of photography if necessary, the client must provide us with the latter.

The corporate manual and logo must be supplied and a brief of your needs to carry out the project.

By requesting the design service, the production time is valid when we have received your formal approval.

In case of selecting the option My Design Is Ready, the client must provide the design (s) to Printstudio.com.do under the following characteristics: in CMYK, images at 300 dpi, text converted to curves, document format EPS, PDF, or TIFF.


The company reserves all rights (copyright) of the services provided, products, designs and any object offered through the web.

The client when paying, rewards the company for the work provided exclusively, not for the intellectual property rights in particular, not the right of reproduction.

The client can request the transfer of copyright for himself or for third parties; To do this, you must reach an agreement with the company. The latter must communicate the confirmation of the agreement to the client in writing and may request a remuneration payment, to be agreed. After these procedures, the rights become the property of the client or the third party.

The company does not have the obligation to deliver intermediate products used to manufacture the final product demanded. The customer can request this delivery price agreement in writing.


The information and data provided by the client with reference to the orders are not confidential. If the client wants them to be confidential, they must agree with the company in advance and in writing (email). Printstudio.com.do may publish its client portfolio as well as work carried out within its portfolio as part of its advertising, the latter within a period that does not affect the client's media strategies.

Applicable law and partial nullity

In the event that any provision of these general conditions or the framework of other agreements becomes or becomes null, it will not affect the rest of the provisions or agreements.

Business relationships and other legal relationships between the company and the client are subject to Dominican laws.